Flying Panthers

While the rain and inclement weather was causing cancellations and rain delays here in the area all three levels of high school boys volleyball was being played at Mehlville High School hosting the Battle of the Green. The Lindbergh Flyers strolled into Mehlville Panther’s Court for all three levels of high school volleyball action.  The Flyers took the night two, three, and two games respectively for a clean sweep.

The freshmen Flyers started the first game with a 11-3 lead before the Panthers could start rallying points. They just started going and the Flyers shut them down at a dozen to win the first game 25-12.  The Flyers came out in the second game and duplicated another 12-3 for the win and the set.

The JV boys however were a different story. It was a tight battle even at twenty in the first game. The Flyers poured it on and scored five points only allowing the Panthers one to win the first game 25-21.  The Panthers came out strong in the second game winning the second game at 25-21.  The tie breaker was to be decided by a game till fifteen but the scoreboard started at 10-10.  It was a race to twenty five with the score tied at 24.  Neither side would give with each side scoring a point and the other side tying it up.  However the Flyers managed to break the tie winning the tie breaker 30-28 and the set 2-1.

Outstanding player for the Panthers was sophomore Alex Gratza. The outstanding player for the Flyers was Will Moffat.

The Varsity game was the only hope for the Panthers not to get swept. However the Flyers had other plans.  Both games were tight games but the Flyers won both games 25-20 & 25-23 respectively.

Outstanding player for the Panthers was senior Drew LLiff. The Flyers outstanding player was Jake Abbott who had three aces and nine kills.

The rivalry carries on but for now the Lindbergh Flyers are the undisputed winners of the Battle of the Green.

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