Stars Shining Bright

Despite losing one of their starting players due to an injury and the pressure the Ladue Rams put on in the fourth quarter the McCluer North Stars really shined in their high school varsity Girls playoff game at St. Joe’s Academy Monday Night. The stars beat the Rams 47-21.

The first quarter started off fast for the Stars but the Rams got their footing ending the quarter 5-3. The second quarter saw the Stars adding fifteen and allowing the Rams seven points ending the half 20-10.  The Stars scored fourteen points in the third quarter and holding the Rams to two points.  The final quarter was the pressure from the Rams as they tried to come back. The Rams scored fifteen points and held the Stars to seven.

Head coach for the Stars says that it was an ugly win. Top scorer for the Stars with 12 points was Korni Collins with 12 points.  Sailor was the top scorer for the Rams with 10 points.  The Stars will go on to play St. Joseph Academy on Thursday March 4, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.

In other action tonight:

Varsity Girls                                         Varsity Boys

St. Joes      65                                        Clayton     53

Ritenour    30                                        MICDS       67

Parkway C   63

Eureka           51

Kirkwood    66

Summit        20

Washington  61

Lafayette         31

McCluer            41

Ladue                 27

Ursuline           69

Parkway S          60

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