Cat Fight

The Panthers took two of the three boy’s high school basketball games Friday evening as they hosted the Jaguars from Seckman. In what was the last season game for each freshman team, the Panthers showed up to put some levelling on their season record coming in 9-11 on the season

The Freshmen Panthers led 5-2 after the first quarter. The Panthers only allowed one basket against in the second quarter but scoring eleven to go into halftime 16-4. Third quarter the Panthers added eleven and allowed the Jaguars three points.  IN the final quarter each team scored ten points allowing the Panthers the victory over the Jaguars 37-17.

The JV game was a lot closer and kept you on the edge of your seat. At no point was either team ahead by more than five points.  However the Jaguars edged the Panthers 48-45.

The first quarter had both teams at seven. At halftime however the Jaguars were up by two at 21-19.  After the third quarter they were all tied up at 32 points each.  The final quarter showed us who wanted it more.  With less than 20 seconds on the clock the panthers needed three points to tie the game.  With a call in their favor they goy possession and put the pressure on but three attempts for a three pointer bounced off the rim.  This was a well-played game by all.

The final game of the night was featuring the varsity boys. It was the Panther’s senior night. The Panthers took a 17-12 lead by the end of the first.  Going into halftime the panthers extended their lead 36-23.  The third quarter with the Panthers ahead 59-36.  The final quarter included just less than four minutes of the mercy rule as the Panthers beat the Jaguars 81-50.

The Panthers had three scorers with double digits. Colby Maynard was the top scorer for the Panthers and Brandon Hurley for the Jaguars.

Watch for the senior’s Night Slide show coming soon.



Other Action:


FM Girls                                  Varsity Boy


Parkway South     44                      Eureka      55

Lindbergh                 8                      Marquette   49


JV Girls                                  Varsity Girls


Parkway South     24                      Parkway S   No

Lindbergh               28                      Lindbergh   Score


Eureka                       51                      Eureka            67

Marquette                 28                      Marquette   54


MICDS                      No                      MICDS       88

Lutheran North    Score                   Lutheran    53


Varsity Hockey


Francis Howell C  6                       Duchesne    2



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