Panthers Fight Hard Lose Battle

Captured by A. Dunne, Magical Moments for Varsity Views

The Mehlville Lady Panthers hosted the Fox Lady Warriors in Freshmen High School basketball action this evening. This game was a warm up for the lady panthers as they head into a Freshmen Tournament that they are hosting this weekend.  However the Panthers fought a hard came but came up short.

The Warriors strong offense had the Panthers down 21-14 at half time. The second half saw the Warriors scoring fifteen points to the Panthers seventeen points.  But in the end the Warriors won by 36-31.

With Mehlville heading into the freshmen tournament tomorrow, Freshmen Coach Tracy Freise says she feels that if the ladies played as hard as they did tonight they have a chance. Athletic Director Dr. Tim Champion says that he feels that O’Fallon is the team to beat.

In other action we covered tonight:

FM Boys Basketball

CBC         40

DeSmet      46

Cardinal    No

Bishop      Score

Mehlville   No

Fix         Score

FM Girls Basketball

Mehlville   31

Fox         36

JV Boys Basketball

SLUH        64

Chaminade   58


DeSmet      53

CBC         61

Cardinal    64

Bishop      39

Mehlville   51

Fox         55

Marquette   38

Lindbergh   34


JV Girls Basketball

Mehlville   30

Fox         37

Marquette   28

Lindbergh   30


Varsity Girls Basketball

Mehlville   43

Fox         60

Marquette   32

Lindbergh   41

Varsity Boys Basketball

DeSmet      36

CBC         38

Mehlville   No

Fox         Score

Cardinal    72

Bishop      47

Marquette   61

Lindbergh   54

Varsity Ice Hockey

SLUH        2

CBC         7

Great wrestling meet at Mehlville High School Friday evening.

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