The Grapplers Take the Mat

Grappling Captured by M. Vickery Magical Moments for Varsity Views

The grappling Griffins from Vianney High School came to visit the SLUH Billikens in what was to be a match of the mats. This was the third meet for the Freshmen Griffins.  The freshmen Billikens easily overtook the Griffins by an unofficial score of 54 – 18.

The JV Griffins however in what appears to be their second match of the season according MSHSAA fared better. With the JV Billikens on their tails the Griffins outscored them 30 – 24.  Again this is an unofficial score.

Finally the varsity boys take center stage. This was the third match for Vianney Varsity and the fifth for the Varsity Griffins according to MSHSAA.  Both varsity teams had also participated in two tournaments as well.  An unofficial score supplied by our staff photographer had the Griffins leading 51 – 30.

According to the Griffin’s webpage the freshmen take on the Billikens again three days before Christmas although not confirmed. The JV squad will be in the Lindbergh tournament between Christmas and the New Year.  The varsity squad will be at Chaminade on the 19th and then join the JV team at the Lindbergh Tournament.

SLUH according to their webpage have their Varsity grapplers off till January where they will be competing in a multiple team event on the 5th and then off to CBC.  The JV team will mirror the Varsity schedule and not confirmed but it appears the freshmen take on the Griffins on December 22nd.



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