Cats Crusade to Win

In a night when according to MSHSAA, this was the first game for Lutheran North Crusaders opening on the road against the Westminster Wildcats. They came in looking to get a great start on the new season.

The Wildcats showed the Crusaders a great game of basketball but when the buzzer sounded the Wildcats had won with the score of 58-33.

Great Defense Captured by D. Altman Magical Moments for Varsity Views

The JV boys were up next hoping to do better than their freshmen counterparts against the wildcats. However they managed fewer points than the freshmen dropping the game 57 – 27.  Tosin Ogunjobi, a sophomore was top score for the Crusaders while Dominic Cusamano; also a sophomore led the Wildcats in scoring.  Cusamano is also one of two players that play on both the JV and the Varsity team while Ogunjobi is the only Crusader that players on both teams.

The Shot Captured by D. Altman Magical Moments for Varsity Views

The last game of the evening was the Varsity Boys. The Wildcat had a game on the road and this was their home opener.

The first quarter was back and forth action and very close ending with a 16-15 in favor of the Wildcats. The Crusaders came out fast the start of the second quarter to gain the lead. However with the Wildcats fast offence, a few steals, a few three pointers, Wildcats’ Aaron Cook and the Crusaders lack of accurate shooting they would not see the lead again.

The Crusaders managed to work their way back into the game but the Wildcats edged them 69 – 58 as the buzzer sounded. Aaron Cook was the top scorer for Westminster and Barry Dorsey had the same honor for Lutheran North.  This reporter was informed that Aaron Cook, a senior is destined for Division One.

The Dunk Captured by A. Dunne Magical Moments for Varsity Views

Lutheran North goes on to play Lutheran South this Friday before taking a break over the holidays. According to MSHSAA Westminster Varsity doesn’t play till after the holidays when they host Ladue Horton Watkins.

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