Ice Hockey … The Best … The Worse

Tonight we covered two hockey games that shows a cross section of what is to come as the High School Season wears on.

The first game tonight at the Affton Ice Complex  showed was a game between St. John Vianney and  Lindbergh and it showed us a game of who wanted it more.  The Griffins opened the game at a fast pace and scored the first goal.

However the Flyers came back in the second and third period to even up the pace.  Then scored four goals in these thirty minutes of which one was shorthanded.

The Flyers had six penalties awarded against them to the Griffin’s three.  There was twice in the game where both teams got minors penalties at the same time.

As the buzzer sounded, the scoreboard showed 4 – 2 in favor of the Flyers.  The unofficial tally showed the shots on goal 27 – 23.  This game was worth the price of admission.

An interesting note is the Flyers have a female backup goaltender who has played for a couple years and we have been told she is good.  Look for a story on the down the road.

The next game was somewhat of an area rivalry between the Eureka Wildcats and the Rockwood Summit Falcons.  To be honest I was looking for a great game here.

However it started off bad for the Falcons before the game started.  They did not have all the players so they were only playing with eleven.

This is first game in my memory where the score and the penalties awarded were the same.  The Falcons spent a lot of time in the penalty box  being awarded nine penalties.

The Wildcats took advantage of the Falcon’s shortage of players and their time shorthanded to pretty much dominate the game scoring nine goals.  The Falcons did manage to score a pair of goals.

The Falcons were tired from having to do extra playing time for lack of players.  They were frustrated by the number of penalties awarded against them.  As the final seconds ticked away and they were looking at a 9 – 2 score they could hold their heads up high because they didn’t give up.

In other action tonight my associate was catching photos at the Hardee’s Ice Rink taking in the Lancers from Lafayette taking on the Mustangs from Marquette.



Great action here as Marquette tries to put one past the Lancer’s defense.  The unofficial score from this game was 5 – 2 for the Lancers.

Other hockey action earlier this week had the visiting JV Billikens shutting out the JV Pioneers from Kirkwood.

Images from all these games can ne seen at and check back with us next week for our outlook on high school sports in Saint Louis.






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